The Last of Us HBO viewers think the show is making the right changes from the game

The Last of Us
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Warning: This story contains spoilers and plot details from The Last of Us episode 2.

The Last of Us on HBO has made several changes in its adaption from game to TV series. In episode 2 alone, we saw some deviations from Tess’s story as well as changes to some of the iconic locations. But surprisingly, even hardcore fans of the original Naughty Dog game seem to be loving changes.

On Reddit (opens in new tab), one viewer called them "perfect", writing: "All the changes they are making in the show are perfect and make sense. I just love to see a game that is adapted and any changes that appear don’t throw you off or anything: Robert gets killed by Marlene because he screwed her over with the battery; Joel needs a battery, not getting one then having to go to Bill; the infected at the Capitol Building instead of FEDRA showing up. So happy to see this done right."

Another agreed: "Yes adding to the lore was a good idea. I wished there was more lore in the games." Others praised the show’s decision to remove spores, and instead focus on the cordyceps fungus as the point of transmission in the show. "The removal of the spores makes sense for many reasons," wrote another, before pointing out: "I imagine for HBO, keeping their main characters' faces visible at all times was the highest priority. No spores mean no face masks."

Of course, while there has been a lot of praise for the show, some fans were a bit concerned about one major change in the latest episode. The creators decided to alter the details of Tess’s (Anna Torv) death, including the addition of an infected clicker kissing her before she blows up the Capitol building. It's fair to say that viewers were pretty mixed about the addition...

The Last of Us continues on Sunday, January 29 on HBO and HBO Max in the US, and Sky and NOW the following day. To ensure you never miss an episode, keep an eye on our The Last of Us release schedule as the first season rolls out. 

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