The Haunting of Bly Manor actor Victoria Pedretti reveals a key scene was cut short

The Haunting of Bly Manor
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The Haunting of Bly Manor was a surprising turn for the Haunting series. Where Hill House was scary, Bly Manor featured more heart with a love story at its centre. However, one key scene in that tale was cut short.

Victoria Pedretti has revealed that an important moment for her character Dani Clayton was chopped down in the editing room. The scene comes a few episodes into the supernatural Netflix series, during a flashback to Dani's time before she ventured to England.

Dani's under pressure to marry her childhood sweetheart. However, the relationship does not work and Dani breaks up with her boyfriend over dinner. After a tense scene in a restaurant, the two go to their car and Dani vaguely alludes that she is actually gay.

The version of that car scene that ended up in the Netflix supernatural drama was actually a lot shorter than the one filmed by Pedretti. Speaking to NBC, the actor revealed she was dismayed as the scene was meant to be much more than just revealing Dani's sexuality.

"She’s also coming out as a feminist and somebody who’s interested in existing beyond what’s expected of her as a woman in that place, in that time," she said. 

"It’s more that this isn’t her truth, that’s she’s not living fully in her truth. Part of that is her sexuality, but another part of that is her capabilities and utilizing her capabilities to the highest degree."

Though the scene was cut short, Dani remains the centrepiece of By Manor, and her relationship blossoming with Jamie leads to a devastating ending for the series.

Every episode of The Haunting of Bly Manor is available now on Netflix. For more on the series, check out our piece on every hidden ghost in the Haunting of Bly Manor.

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