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The Haunting of Bly Manor: Every hidden ghost we spotted

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The Haunting of Bly Manor is absolutely full of ghosts. In fact, you'll be hard pushed to find a character who's not a ghost or who doesn't at least have a demon haunting their body. Mike Flanagan really went all-out on bringing the supernatural to Bly Manor, and it makes for a wonderful viewing experience filled with twists and turns.

However, as well as the main players, there are plenty of ghosts hiding in the corners and under the stairs. Many of them are in plain view and you don't even notice them – that's the genius of Bly Manor (and the Haunting of Hill House before it).

In the below gallery, we go through all the ghosts we spotted on our journey through Bly Manor. We uncover almost 50 different ghouls, ranging from possessed dolls to undead doctors, all of which are secretly stashed within the camera's frame.

Before we dive in, a note: we only feature hidden ghosts. These are the ones that our characters do not react to and the ones that you most likely missed. So, for instance, we have not counted Peter on the balcony in episode 1, or any of that character's appearances thereafter. And we only put in one instance of Eddie, the glasses-wearing mirror demon, because it's the only time Dani does not react to her undead former fiance (and you may have missed it if you weren't prepared).

From about episode 6 onwards, the ghosts become more fleeting as we become aware of what's happening at Bly Manor. Episode 8 ends up consisting of almost only ghosts as we realise how our undead friends came to haunt this house. Therefore, there are hardly any hidden ghost latter half of the season, which narratively makes sense. 

Click through the gallery below to see all the hidden ghosts in the Haunting of Bly Manor. Once you've done that, check out our in-depth piece on the Haunting of Bly Manor ending, in which we answer a few of your questions about the Netflix show.

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