The Game Awards 2022 GOAT 'Flute Guy' knows he's the talk of the town

The Game Awards
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The lovingly dubbed 'Flute Guy' from The Game Awards 2022 is well aware of the social media buzz around his enthusiastic performance, and he's very thankful.

In case you're missing some context, Flute Guy is a Venezuelan-born flautist named Pedro Eustache who performed as part of an orchestra at this year's Game Awards. His previous credits include 2021's Dune, Indiana Jones 4, and Pirates of the Caribbean, which earned him a Film & TV Music Award in 2007. While he's been an accomplished musician for years, he made a ton of new fans last night for his electric energy and impressive adaptability with different instruments. We called him "the people's champion" of the Game Awards, and for damn good reason.

Now, Eustache has taken to social media to express his appreciation for the influx of support on social media.

"Hi this is Pedro Eustache," the musician said in a video message shared to Twitter on Friday. "You guys know me as Flute Guy, and I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your absolutely amazing response all over social media after The Game Awards of last night. God bless you."

As I touched on earlier, this isn't the first time Eustache has been recognized for his work, but it's lovely to see a musician who's clearly so passionate about his work become the talk of the town. How's that for a 'feel good' Friday story?

In case you missed the show or just need a recap, here's everything announced at The Game Awards 2022.

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