'Flute Guy' is the people's champion of The Game Awards 2022

The Game Awards
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A huge amount went down at The Game Awards last night, but as well as plenty of prizes and a lot of announcements, there were a number of musical outings, one of which has really captured the hearts and minds of the audience.

During the show, The Game Awards orchestra played a musical medley of the themes from all of the Game of the Year nominees. It's a very evocative selection, but one musician in particular stood out. In almost the dead centre of the group is its flute player (or 'flautist' to use the technically correct term), notable for the visible energy he brings to proceedings.

'Flute Guy' immediately appealed to the show's viewers, so much so that the term was trending on Twitter overnight, with several tweets praising the player's obvious enthusiasm.

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As several people have since pointed out, Flute guy's real name is Pedro Eustache. The Venezuelan-born player has contributed to a number of high-profile films in recent years, including 2021's Dune, Indiana Jones 4, and Pirates of the Caribbean (a role for which he won a Film & TV Music Award in 2007).

The energy is astounding, but what really caught my eye is Eustache's ability to swap between instruments on the fly. In quick succession, he swaps from the tiny piccolo to the weighty bass flute, moving back to a traditional flute (I think) at the end of the performance. You can check out the whole performance in the clip below - Eustache shouldn't be hard to spot, but props should also go to the equally enthusiastic percussion section.

If you missed the show last night, here's everything announced at The Game Awards 2022.

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