The Game Awards 2021's new game reveals will be in the "double digits"

The Game Awards 2021
(Image credit: The Game Awards)

The Game Awards 2021 new game reveals will number "probably in the double digits," says host Geoff Keighley. Likewise, the show is expected to feature somewhere between 40 to 50 games in total.

This is roughly in line with last year's show, which debuted 18 brand new titles and gave updates on over 40 games. The obvious difference in this year's event is that it'll take place live at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California, whereas last year's showing was all virtual due to the ongoing COVID pandemic.

Keighley revealed a number of key details about his big return to live shows in an Epic Games blog. While there are plenty of game announcements, updates, and footage in store, Keighley also says the actual awards portion of the show will make up about half of its runtime. He also says there will be some footage of "next-gen" games that'll prove we've only seen the beginning of PS5 and Xbox Series X's potential.

"I still feel like we've only kind of sort of touched the surface of what's possible on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, so I think you'll see some stuff in the show that is truly pretty stunning," he said. "We’ll see footage of games that will remind people that the best of this industry is still to come."

Finally, expect The Game Awards 2021 to include more trailers for video game-adjacent projects like TV shows and movie adaptations. Tom Holland made an appearance at last year's show, so it's possible we'll see a new trailer for the Uncharted movie. We could also get another look at the new Mario movie starring Chris Pratt, Jack Black, and Seth Rogen.

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