The Force Unleashed - updated impressions

Last but not least, we were treated to a mission on the junk planet Raxus Prime. The Jedi Kazdan Paratus has taken refuge in the massive scrapheap, surrounding himself with Force-infused "junk golems" and lapsing into madness in the wake of the Jedi purges. He's not the only inhabitant, however, and The Secret Apprentice will also encounter encampments of scavenging Jawas and Rodians (Greedo’s race). The level begins on a sufficiently epic note; looking over a nearby ledge reveals that you’re actually walking along the side of a junked Star Destroyer. The sense of scale is breathtaking, as is the quantity of stuff for you to manipulate with the Force. Massive structures collapse and tumble down hillsides in awe-inspiring avalanches that are rendered on the fly. (When asked why no PC version was in development, Blackman stated simply that the minimum specs required to render all the physics would put the game out of reach of just about everyone but the five biggest geeks on the internet.)