DC's new Supergirl has been cast for upcoming The Flash movie

Ezra Miller in Justice League
(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

DC has a new Supergirl – Sasha Calle will play the character in the upcoming The Flash movie, after more than 425 actors auditioned for the role.

Director Andy Muschietti shared a video on Instagram of Calle's heartwarming reaction when he shared the news of her casting over Zoom. "Can I freak out for a second?" she asked. "I'm probably not going to stop crying all day."

The original and most well-known iteration of Supergirl in DC Comics is Kara Zor-El, the cousin of Superman – Kara shares her cousin's superpowers and vulnerability to Kryptonite, and, if Muschietti's video is anything to go by, a similar suit, too. 

Calle will star alongside Ezra Miller as Barry Allen (AKA The Flash) in the speedy superhero's first solo DCEU movie. It'll see Barry attempt to go back in time to prevent his mother's murder, which brings unintentional consequences to his timeline. Not much else about the plot has been revealed yet, but we know we can expect a multiverse of possibilities, with both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton reprising their roles as Batman. Filming is due to start in April.

Calle currently plays the role of Lola Rosales in US soap opera The Young and the Restless. Last year, she was nominated in the Outstanding Young Performer in a Drama series category at the Daytime Emmys for her work on the show. The Flash will be her debut movie role. 

While we wait for The Flash to hit the big screen in November 2022, catch up on the DCEU with our guide to watching the DC movies in order.

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