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The final new X-Men team member will be decided by fan vote starting Jan. 27

X-Men vote
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Jean Grey and Cyclops are forming the first official X-Men team of the Krakoan era and they want your help.

No, that isn't some clever introductory conceit. Marvel really wants your input. 

As previously announced, the comic book publisher will be soliciting fan votes to determine the last member of this upcoming new team.

The fan voting begins on Wednesday,  January 27 to and runs through Tuesday, February 2 at Readers get to choose between 10 nominees to make the new team. 

"As revealed in X-Men#16, Cyclops and Jean Grey shared the need for a new X-Men team to protect the mutant nation of Krakoa and fight on mutantkind’s behalf," states Marvel's announcement of the vote. "A number of nominations have been accepted since then…but the last member of the X-Men is now in your hands!"

Cyclops and Jean Grey made their plan to create a new team of X-Men to act as Krakoan superheroes outside the purview of the Quiet Council at the end of 'X of Swords,' announcing their plan to recruit a team comprised of mutants voted on by different factions of the population of Krakoa in X-Men #16

As it turns out, the readers themselves happen to be included in that proposal.

The X-Men eligible to be the final member are:

  1. Banshee
  2. Polaris
  3. Forge
  4. Boom-Boom
  5. Tempo
  6. Cannonball
  7. Sunspot
  8. Strong Guy
  9. Marrow
  10. Armor

Each reader can only cast one vote, and Marvel apparently will be monitoring closely to be sure there is no election fraud or deceased readers casting votes.

And no, the publisher is not using Dominion voting machines. 

The results of the election, along with the make-up of the full new X-Men team, will be unveiled during the Hellfire Gala in Marvel comics this June - that of course being a mutant social event hosted by Emma Frost of the Hellfire Club, Krakoa's trading company.

In fact, the vote itself isn't the only way Marvel readers can be included in the events of the Hellfire Gala. Members of the publisher's Marvel Insider rewards program can enter sweepstakes to be drawn into the event as a guest, right on the comic book page.

This will sort of make readers X-Men creators. Check out the greatest X-Men creators of all time here

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