The fighting styles of SmackDown! '08


High-Flyers are the daredevils of the WWE. They are incredibly quick, agile and evasive, having little regard for their personal safety, let alone that the safety of their opponents.

Primary Ability:

Possum Pin – Feign an injury and then spring at your unsuspecting opponent, catching him in a quick rollup for the three count.

Secondary Abilities:

Springboard Attack – Utilize the ring ropes as part of your offense by springboarding off of them, launching your Superstar into the air.

Out Of The Ring Dive Attacks – If your opponent tries to catch a breather outside of the ring, send your Superstar diving over the top rope and onto the arena floor.

Evasive Roll – Roll your Superstar to safety, as you can’t pin what you can’t catch.

Turnbuckle Leapfrog – If your opponent is caught in the turnbuckle, dash toward him and scramble up to the top rope, putting your Superstar in the perfect position for an attack from above.


Powerhouse Superstars are the heavy hitters of the squared circle. Freakishly strong, they strike with the force of a freight train, and the impact of their grapple moves has been known to set off car alarms three states over!

Primary Ability:

Rampage – Literally send your Superstars into a rampage, making them temporarily impervious to strike attacks, while all grapple and ultimate control moves are inescapable.

Secondary Abilities:

The Irresistible Force – If your opponent is dumb enough to go for a quick pin, forcefully kick out of their pin attempt and launch him into the air in the process.

Strong Irish Whip – Transform a routine Irish Whip into a destructive maneuver, sending your opponent over the top rope and crashing onto the arena floor.


Whether garnering support or hatred from the WWE fans, Showmen always incite the crowd into a wild frenzy. Above all else, Showmen love the attention they receive when they step inside of the squared circle, as they are always at the crowd’s service – at the expense of their opponents, of course.

Primary Ability:

Steal Finishing Move – Pour salt into an opponent wounds by using their own finishers against them.

Secondary Abilities:

Mass Appeal – Add fuel to the fire by performing numerous taunts at your opponent and get momentum on your side as a result.

Gimmick Infringement – Add fuel to the fire by performing your opponent’s signature taunt.

Mass Exposure – Before leaping off the turnbuckle and on to your unlucky opponent below, why not play to the crowd a little, as all eyes in the arena are on your Superstar?