The eighth Saw movie is heading to the big screen in October 2017

Moviegoers have learned now to not be fooled by titles. Friday the 13th teased Jason's last massacre in 1984's The Final Chapter, only to have the machete-wielding maniac continue to hack up teens for another eight movies. The same goes for the Saw franchise. Lionsgate's blockbuster franchise supposedly let its last trap close in 2010's Saw 3D: The Final Chapter (I'm detecting a theme!), but after rumblings earlier this year, it looks like Jigsaw's accomplices will return for more gore-soaked games in an eighth movie. 

Going by the as-yet-unconfirmed title of Saw Legacy, the film is now scheduled for release on October 27, 2017. Michael and Peter Spierig are set to direct. They're an interesting choice to reinvigorate the violent series, with only a couple of horrors under their collective belt. Their last film - 2015's Predestination - is a superb sci-fi headscratcher so hopefully they'll bring some of that unique flair to Saw. Whether this newest installment will be a continuation of the earlier story, a remake, or a reboot is still being kept secret.  

Who's got money on Jigsaw still being alive?  


Images: Lionsgate 

Gem Seddon

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