The Division’s pooping dogs are back in The Division 2, so get that pooper scooper ready

When it comes to talking about online cooperative shooters pretty much the last thing you expect people to say is ‘hey, you seen that pooping dog?’. And yet in The Division, for some glorious reason the people at Massive Entertainment decided to motion capture - or just animate - a canine excreting their waste bodily fluids. Guess they couldn’t let that hard work go to waste, as when I spoke to the Associate Creative Director he all but confirmed the dogs will be back in The Division 2.

He said “of course there are dogs!” when I asked, and when I pressed further he finally said “yes...well I think it was something that players really enjoyed from first game”. He’s not wrong! Adding in dogs along was a genius stroke because those canines make everything better just as a general life fact. I don’t know whether they’ve finessed the pooping animation, but including the dogs and their bodily functions is just a nice little nod to a fun part of The Division that I don’t think any of us expected when we first heart of the online post apocalyptic shooter. 

There weren’t any dogs in the demo that we played, unfortunately, but keep an eye out for footage of man’s best friend answering nature’s call. Dogs aren’t the only animal wandering through the ruined streets of Washington D.C., though: deer are also at home on its winding streets, and the odd police horse might stumble into view now and again. 

Zoe Delahunty-Light

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