The Division's next expansions to include randomly generated maps and survival gameplay

Ubisoft unveiled the future of The Division by talking about two more upcoming expansions for the game's first year of content. First up is Underground, which will feature randomly generated levels set in the New York subway tunnels and sewers. It'll hit June 28 on Xbox One and PC, and August 2 on PS4.

When Underground launches, anyone who is signed up for Ubisoft Club will get three free outfits, each one designed around three other Tom Clancy franchises: Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, and Rainbow Six.

Ubisoft also revealed the Survival expansion, which will be coming first to Xbox One and PC later this year with PS4 to follow. Based on the brief teaser trailer, it would appear that Survival will take a much darker, more desolate tone than the base game. The blizzard is getting worse, supplies are running low, and you're stuck in a section of New York that's overrun with hostiles. 

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David Roberts
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