The Division’s latest update is wiping characters (again)

The Division (opens in new tab) can’t seem to catch a break after all its various glitches and issues so far. Now an old issue has returned - missing characters. 

The Division had a missing character problem (opens in new tab) after update 1.1. Now it’s happened again with update 1.2 apparently recreating the problem. The issue doesn’t seem quite as bad as before with Ubisoft Support mainly dealing with missing Daily Missions at the moment (another recurring problem): 

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The last time that Twitter account was inundated with people asking about their missing character. This time it's a little quieter, but over on both the Ubi forums (opens in new tab) and Reddit (opens in new tab) the community team have been asking for usernames to investigate the issue. The affected accounts have been identified and a resolution is under way. 

Last time the problem was caused by a server synch glitch (opens in new tab) making the game think character data was corrupted. The smaller count affect here suggests it might be something different and less general this time.

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