The Division's missing Xbox One characters will return with a rollback

Xbox One players of The Division, your missing agents are safe. They've just gone away for a bit until Ubisoft can uncorrupt them, according to a post on the game's official forums.

After The Division Update 1.1 went live yesterday, certain players on Xbox One found their characters were no longer accessible - which is very bad news, considering it's one of those games where you can blink and spend dozens of hours improving your equipment.

While the characters appeared to have vanished, their data had actually been corrupted by a "malfunctioning" (let's call it Rogue) server. They were still there, the game client just couldn't read them right. Ubisoft will need to bring the servers down to restore the characters once it has a fix ready.

Oh, one last bit of misfortune: the fix will require rolling back affected accounts to the state they were in as of the last server maintenance. So if you played much of The Division after the update but before your character vanished, you'll lose all the progress you may have made in that period of time. The same goes for any still-accessible characters on your account. Destiny got a big update yesterday too, maybe give that a shot in the meantime?

The Division players who weren't affected by the glitch in the first place shouldn't have to worry about any side effects from the fix, aside from the extra server downtime.

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