The Division, Splinter Cell, and Ghost Recon crossover called BattleCat may be announced tomorrow

A new Tom Clancy logo features a pink neon crown on the soldier's helmet
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Ubisoft will announce a new Tom Clancy video game tomorrow, July 19, 2021.

Sharing nowt but a three-second-long video teaser and hinting that "things are going to get wild", all we currently know is that there's a lot of neon scribbles and a funky new logo to match – here, take a peek below:

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"Tomorrow, things are going to get wild," Ubisoft teased on its social media channels earlier today. "Tune in at 11 AM PT / 8 PM CEST for the worldwide reveal of a brand-new game in the Tom Clancy’s universe."

The tweet – not to mention the stylized "X" apostrophe, which is frequently used to denote a crossover or mashup event – certainly adds credence to last month's rumor that a Tom Clancy crossover game featuring The Division, Splinter Cell, and Ghost Recon could be on the way.

The images that originally accompanied the tweet were eventually taken offline following a DMCA request from Ubisoft, but they talked of a new game called The Division BattleCat. Although we're still not entirely sure if that's the final title for the game or a codename, implying that the game will be "wild" certainly points to BattleCat, though, doesn't it? 

Hmm. All will be revealed tomorrow, I guess.

"What does it mean for a game to have that "Tom Clancy's" logo with that little tactical man in the goggles on top?" we ask in our rundown of the best Tom Clancy video games

"If you started with the Rainbow Six series, it meant you were in for an intensely tactical shooting experience, where studying maps and carefully diagramming assault routes was the only path to victory. If Splinter Cell was your introduction to the Clancy clan, it meant thoughtful stealth fused with 'it could happen tomorrow' stories of shadow governments and insurrections. Or if you started with HAWX, er, sorry about that. 

"The late author has lent his name to a veritable universe that has assembled games for every interest at this point, as long as you're into highly detailed military machinery."

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