The Division 2 is ready to ban players who "circumvent game mechanics" to cheat their way to "excessive XP"

The Division 2
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Ubisoft says it is carefully "monitoring" The Division 2 players after some have been caught "circumventing game mechanics", resulting in high latency on its servers and "making the game unstable and unenjoyable".

Whilst the team stopped short of detailing what, exactly, players were doing to circumvent these game mechanics, it did admit that, as a result, some of the more nefarious players were unfairly able to secure "an excessive amount of XP in a short amount of time". 

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"We have seen players circumvent game mechanics and systems in order to gain an excessive amount of XP in a short amount of time," The Division 2's development team announced via a statement posted to social media. 

"This is resulting in high latency on our servers and thereby making the game unstable and unenjoyable."

Consequently, the team says it's carefully monitoring the situation, and players caught making use of these exploits will be subjected to the swift justice of ban hammer – temporarily at first, and permanently if players are "repeat offenders".

"We are monitoring this behavior and players that make use of these exploits will receive a temporary ban (14 days) from the game on first offence," it concludes. "Repeat offenders will be banned permanently."

As Austin summarized for us a little while back, The Division 2 recently could not be updated because "a recently delayed seasonal update broke the system used to update the game, so the developers trying to update it have to first update the updater to accept new updates. So that they can update it". Thankfully, an update was eventually pushed out which fixed the non-update issue. Confused? Yup, us too…

"The Division 2 is a seriously accomplished looter shooter, with a gameplay loop that keeps on giving, and an endgame that will keep you playing for months (or years) to come," Sam wrote in her The Division 2 GamesRadar+ review, in which she awarded the shooter 4.5 stars out of 5.

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