The Dark Knight trailer online

We've been waiting months and months for it, we got a shaky-cam glimpse at it on Friday (that is, if you were quick on the youtube draw), but now, finally, The Dark Knight trailer proper has arrived, and it's beautiful.

A few fanboys might complain that Heath's Joker doesn't look the part, but we'd rather Nolan and Ledger got the character right and if this trailer's to be believed, this Joker's got everything - the weird S&M fetish, the sinister laugh, the taste for the theatrical and, most importantly, the Ace Of Knaves' frreakish obsession with Bats...

Oh yeah, and everyone else, from new girl Maggie Gyllenhaal to old boy Michael Caine, looks like they're doing good work too.

If we had one qualm, there's not enough Batman - after all, this flick is called The Dark Knight, not The Killing Joke, isn't it?

Source: ( A Taste For The Theatrical )