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The Dark Knight Rises third trailer is here: watch online now!

The Dark Knight Rises kicked off its viral campaign yesterday, and it didn't take long for obsessive fans to crack the clues that lead to this: the final, full trailer.

Things kick off slowly, ominously, with a pared down version of Selina Kyle's (Anne Hathaway) "A storm is coming" speech, as we see a glimpses of a Gotham on the edge - bridges collapse, football fields disintegrate, planes go down.

And things aren't looking too good for Bruce Wayne, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt's cop John Blake asking "Did they kill him?". Kyle's response: "I'm not sure."

There are so many goosebump-y moments in the trailer, it'd be a shame to list them all here, so get watching the trailer for yourself right now:


Bane's dialogue is certainly sounding legible here, and for all the foreboding talk, this trailer isn't light on action either. There's plenty of snatched glances at Batman and Bane going toe-to-toe, footage from the prologue revealed late last year with Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol , and it looks like Marion Cotillard's character could be a love interest for Wayne.

Hathaway appears to be acquitting herself admirably with the high-kicking stuff too, and should bring a genuine duplicity to the enigmatic role.

And if it was in danger of becoming a little too serious, that final shot (and accompanying one liner) undercuts it nicely.

The Dark Knight Rises opens on 20 July 2012.

Matt Maytum
Matt Maytum

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