The coolest merchandise at TGS 2010

It's almost time for 2010's Tokyo Game Show, and with it will come hordes of eager gamers and otaku ready to throw their money at piles of limited-edition merchandise. So not onlywill exhibitors bring their hottest new games and announcements, they'll alsoshow up with all manner of licensed goodies, some of which are only available for purchase at the show itself. Here's an overview of the best swag to emerge so far:

Capcom looks to have the broadest selection of awesome merchandise, ranging from a brand-new CD filled with arranged Mega Man music, lots of Monster Hunter related clothing and figures, and even a new collection of Okami art said to be the product of Issun, Amaterasu’s insect-sized travelling companion.

Above: This is a friendly reminder to play Okami

Perhaps most desired by the Capcom faithful, however, is the Capcom Girls 2011 calendar, a collection of all-original artwork depicting the company’s vast stable of female game characters.

Above: My, what big… er… everythings… you have, Chun-Li

Konami will also be offering several items of interest. While some of the coolest-sounding stuff (like the Gradius Rebirth original and remix soundtrack CDs) don’t have any images associated with them yet, at least we do get to see this totally awesome Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker “World Tour” tee:

If you can’t attend TGS, don’t fret - many ofKonami's goods (aside from a few very limited Love Plus items) will be available at the Roppongi Konamistyle shop later on... so, y'know, if you're ever in Roppongi...

Namco Bandai also isn’t averse to offering some slick accessories. Perhaps the coolest item out of their line-up is a very stylish (but pricey) Pac-Man themed leather wallet.

They'll havemore goodies up for grabs too, though,including lots of merchandise based on the beloved Tales RPG series, T-shirts from as-of-yet-Japan-only PSP hit God Eater, and several tapestries with artwork from titles like Tekken and Ace Combat.

Finally, franchise merchandising juggernaut Square-Enix will be selling their latestwares at a special section in their (quite large) space. Besides the usual assortment of vinyl monsters and Sephiroth-scented perfume (no, we’re not kidding about that), there will be a few new products up for sale. Details on the goods are sparse, but we expect them to be at least mildly awesome, if this teaser image is anything to go by.

Above: Unsurprisingly, there’s a whole lotta Dragon Quest

We sure can't wait to get our hands on some of this... wait, TGS is in Tokyo, JAPAN? Aw.

Sep 13, 2010

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