The complete Zelda II Magic: The Gathering card set


“Land” cards are your lifeblood, currency and choke chain, all wrapped into one card. You need Land to summon all other cards in the game (represented by the symbols in the upper right of each card), so they’re absolutely essential. Even if your hand is filled with the best cards in your whole deck, you’re going to need a Mountain, Forest, Plains, Swamp or Island to get ‘em on the battlefield. In the Zelda II set, they’re represented by the different areas you visit, as well as the towns and palaces.

Above: This guy’s a Planeswalker. If you wanna know what the hell that is,read thisand spare me a really long explanation

And that’s the last of them! A lot to digest, I know, but as a fan of both properties, I really enjoy dissecting each of these cards and trying to think what kind of deck I’d create, and how each card would interact with another. The set as a whole also gives you a bird’s-eye view of Zelda II as a game, so merely looking at the images can take you through the whole adventure. Could a Link to the Past set be next?

Jan 17, 2011

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