The complete Zelda II Magic: The Gathering card set

Last year we revealed our Magic: The Gathering expansionbased on the original Legend of Zelda. Its creator, GR associate KREATIVEassassin, continued his work and has since made a larger, even more thorough set of cards that focus on Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Millions love Zelda, millions play the card game, and both of these properties involve magic, monsters and all kinds of mysterious artifacts – in other words, they’re a perfect fit.

If you’re a fan of one, you’ll really get a kick out of this. If you’re a fan of both, hoo boy, this is amazing. The cards’ abilities, functions and type weren’t chosen willy nilly – they’re dead-on accurate to the NES game, and are expertly transferred into the rules of Magic: The Gathering. KREATIVE even went and invented a couple of new terms (Headshot, for one) that work great in this expansion, yet could easily be transferred into the real MTG game. Enough talk!

Want to create your own cards? Check out theMagic Set Editor, and then of course hit upWizards of the Coastfor the real deal


The “Creature” card type in MTG is used to designate living things you summon, which are usually used to attack the other player or to defend yourself from their own Creature types. “Creature” is a generic term in this case, so even people (such as Link) are categorized as Creatures. The numbers in the lower right are their power (used for attacking) and defense (used for defending). Beyond that, well, you’ll need to brush up on your Magic.

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