The Club gets joined

Sega has fired off a round new shots of its upcoming sprint 'n' gun action title, The Club. In among the 24 grabs on offer, you'll see a showcase of the game's steel mill location, along with snaps of new character Dragov, aka The Beast.

The East German steel mill is located in the industrial town of Jaegerhof , purchased by the mysterious cabal behind The Club as a site for its ballistic bloodsport. Packed with walkways, graffiti and even a train depot, it's the ideal complex for The Club's brutal, speedy gauntlet of gunning.

As well as the mill, you'll be plugging away at the combo-driven action in a prison known as 'The Citadel'. A ruined jail that's seen more than its fair share of riots and violence before closure in the 70s, the owners of The Club now use it as a yet another secret arena for well-armed thugs to blat one another to shreds in the name of underground entertainment.

Above: New character Dragov brings The Club's steel mill back to life, while fighting for his own

Dragov is a burly Siberian criminal, formerly top ofRussia's most wanted list and now the latest recruit to The Club. He'll join Renwick - the ex-cop you'll have seen in many a screenshot over the past year - as a playable character in the game's line-up. To see more screens of Dragov, and his adventures in smelting, check out the gallery.

While The Club may be all about speed, however, it's still making us play the waiting game - that release date is still refusing to budge from its non-committal 'TBC' status. Shoot.