The Callisto Protocol is getting free New Game+ and Hardcore Mode early next year

The Callisto Protocol
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The Callisto Protocol launches today, and while players have only just started to explore the cramped hallways and eerie cells of Black Iron Prison, developer Striking Distance Studios is already looking to the future.

In a tweet, the studio revealed what additional content fans can look forward to over the next six months. On February 7, 2023, a New Game+ mode will be added, allowing you to go back to the beginning of the adventure but with upgraded gear to give you more of a fighting chance the second time around. And for those that think the base game isn't brutal enough, Hardcore Mode is also on the way. Both will be offered as part of a free update available to all players.

The developer also provided a timeframe for content offered as part of The Callisto Protocol Season Pass. Kicking things off on February 7 is the Outer Way Skin Collection. Then in March, there's the Contagion Bundle, which promises an even greater pulse-pounding survival horror experience. In Contagion mode, you've got less ammo and health drops, and as if that wasn't punishing enough, dying means you've got to start the game all over again. Additionally, this mode includes thirteen new death animations for protagonist Jacob.

Later in spring will see the launch of the Riot Bundle, which adds more death animations for enemies and lets you battle through hordes of foes in a new area of Black Iron Prison. Last but certainly not least, they'll be new story content arriving sometime in the Summer. 

The death animations included in the game's season pass caused quite a stir recently, with fans feeling that the developer was holding this content back so it could place it behind a paywall. In response to the backlash, director Glen Schofield confirmed that "it's all new stuff" and that "'we haven't even started work on this content yet."

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