Call of Duty Modern Warfare was abruptly removed from the Russian PlayStation store

(Image credit: Activision)

Just as the very first players were signing into the Call of Duty beta on PS4, unfortunate fans in Russia were struggling to find access to the beta. Sure enough, Activision has confirmed that the Modern Warfare PS4 beta will not be available in Russia, assuring that the multiplatform betas won't be affected and that more information is coming soon.

“Unfortunately Sony Interactive Entertainment is unable to support the Modern Warfare Beta on PS4 in Russia this weekend. Additional information will be shared as it becomes available. This does not affect our Beta plans on other platforms next weekend," an Activision rep told Charlie Intel. To clarify, it sounds like Activision is saying the two subsequent betas will be available in Russia as planned.

Further, it's being reported that a support rep for PlayStation in Russia responded to concerns from players unable to access the beta, revealing that pre-orders for Call of Duty Modern Warfare were being pulled and that the game would no longer be available on the PlayStation Store going forward. Reportedly, this was corroborated by a PlayStation PR rep in Russia, who confirmed the PS4 beta would not be available in Russia and that pre-orders would close for the moment.

A prominent theory posits that the Russian media, and by proxy the Russian government, had been critical of the Modern Warfare campaign's reportedly favorable portrayal of the White Helmets, a group of volunteer rescue workers in rebel-occupied areas of Syria and Turkey.

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