Terrifying new trailer for Stephen King’s The Boogeyman will fuel your nightmares

A terrifying new trailer for The Boogeyman has arrived – and it teases that the monster is not just in our imaginations. Based on a short story written by Stephen King, the movie follows high schooler Sadie and her younger sister Sawyer who begin to notice something is lurking in the shadows of their home.

The pair are dealing with the recent death of their mother, while their absent father (played by Chris Messina) avoids the home to deal with his own grief. When a desperate patient turns up seeking help, he leaves behind a supernatural creature that preys on the pain of its victims.

The new trailer begins with a chilling set piece where young Sawyer (Vivian Lyra Blair) is shown a flashing lamp to prove that no creatures are hiding in the dark. "When there are scary things we don’t understand, our minds try to fill in the blanks," a helpful therapist tries to tell them. "Sometimes the best thing to do is face it."

However, as the light begins to flash, something terrible begins to claw its way out of the ceiling. Later in the trailer, David Dastmalchian’s character warns their father that "it’s the thing that comes for your kids when you’re not paying attention."

The Boogeyman

(Image credit: 20th Century Studios)

The new movie has some serious horror talent behind the camera too. The Boogeyman is directed by Host’s Rob Savage and written by A Quiet Place duo Scott Beck & Bryan Woods alongside Black Swan’s Mark Heyman. Stranger Things executive producer Shawn Levy also produced the upcoming movie.

It’s already got some glowing reviews as well, with Dastmalchian telling ComicBook.com how terrifying it is. "The Boogeyman is... I got to see it... It's one of the scariest films I've seen in a long time," he told the publication. Sign us up for the nightmare fuel.

The Boogeyman is released in theaters on June 2. For more scares check out our guide to the best horror movies.

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