The best Samsung Galaxy Watch prices and deals right now

 The best Samsung Galaxy Watch prices and deals right now
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A Samsung Galaxy Watch deal is the perfect opportunity to add to the suite of smart tech that we are growing increasingly accustomed to. Samsung's Galaxy Watches are an example of this that I can personally vouch for too: I got one of Samsung's smartwatches in the end-of-year sales in 2019 and can 100% testify for them being a great, fun, techy way to increase your digital life's reach and integration of your devices - and get something cool in the process. For our money, they represent the best smartwatch, hands down - something that's likely to continue for a good while given the recent release of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 that adds a 2020 edge to one fo the strongest fields of smartwatches going.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Starting with a bang, the recent announcement and launch of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 means you can now get your hands on the latest and greatest in Samsung's smartwatch family. It looks very cool with a design overhaul of its predecessor that makes it stand in its own right as a great wrist watch let alone a great smartwatch.

There are going to be two versions of the Watch 3, with the 45mm version our preferred variant due to its longer battery life than the smaller 41mm size. The screens are wonderfully bright and vivid for smartwatches and you'll get a 1.2-inch screen in the 41mm watch or a 1.3-inch panel in the larger, 45mm watch; both are Circular Super AMOLED panels, with a full-color always-on display protected by Corning Gorilla Glass DX.

Fitness features heavily in the Watch 3, having taken cues from the Active2 and its fitness offerings. More activities will auto-trigger that the original Galaxy Watch which is great, 40 workouts can be tracked, and there's excellent stress tracking, breathing exercise prompts, and a promising-looking sleep tracker and oxygen reader (to help calculate the maximum amount of oxygen your body needs during workouts). Combine this with the Watch 3's design overhaul, modern features, and 'Samsung-ness' oozing from its small face, and you can guarantee that this will be one of 2020 - and 2021s? - top smartwatches.

You can see the best early prices on both the 45mm watch and the 41mm watch below. Note that there will be some colour differences across the two sizes: Mystic Black is exclusive to the 45mm watch; Mystic Bronze is exclusive to the 41mm watch; but both can come in Mystic Silver.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 prices - 45mm (Bluetooth)

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 prices - 41mm (Bluetooth)

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch features

Broadly speaking the Samsung Galaxy smartwatches are held in very high regard, and not just by us, our friends over at TechRadar rate them above the Apple Watch 5 too. I got one of these during the other sales period so can wholeheartedly recommend them.

There are some important factors that make the Samsung Galaxy Watch so good however and while trying to be brief, there are some key facts to remember.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is the premium model in Samsung's wrist-bound smart tech devices. It's bigger in basically every way, particularly when looking at the 46mm variant - which I think offers a little better value for money - as it offers a 3-4 day battery life, really great fitness, health and stress trackers, and a very slick operating system and bezel design which allows you to navigate said system. All of this, in either size, is packaged in a great looking bundle with multiple colors available for the 42mm size and a swish silver and black design on the 46mm. The screen is excellent and clear and great for previewing messages, emails, and even pictures, as well as glancing at it for fitness updates mid-workout. The removable and changeable strap is a great bonus too.

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The 42mm deviates slightly - and I can vouch for this too as my wife has this one - in it's smaller display size (obviously) and it sacrifices about a day's worth of life from the battery's charge. A solid two days is still great though and means you don't even have to worry about taking a charger overnight anywhere. 

It's worth noting that these are the Bluetooth versions of the smartwatches - unless you plan on using the watch exactly like your phone then you don't need the LTE versions. The watches will give you notifications of all your phone apps, let you control music and Spotify, and give you great rundowns on all the fitness activities you could require - among many other things. And it's also important to note that this is by far and away best for those already in the Samsung or Android ecosystems: if you're an Apple user though, this watch won't be a great match for your phone.

The latest Samsung Galaxy Watch prices

If that's enough to have whetted your appetite then you'll find the latest prices for this exquisite bit of wearable tech. Whether you're after the 46mm or 42mm variant, our price comparison checks through thousands of listings daily so you'll be presented with the best deals going today, wherever you are.

Samsung Galaxy Watch prices - 46mm Bluetooth

Samsung Galaxy Watch prices - 42mm Bluetooth

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

If you're after something much more sport and fitness-oriented - almost purely sport and fitness-oriented - then the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active models are the one for you. There are two versions of this watch with the Active2, somewhat unsurprisingly, is the latest version that has refined and honed the sporty smartwatch experience. This does not make the original Watch Active obsolete though - far from it. It's still a great watch and the release of the Active2 also means that you're likely to find some great bargains on the first model. Our price matching tool below should hopefully demonstrate the price differences and what's available where you are right now.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active prices (Bluetooth)

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 prices (Bluetooth)

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