The Battlefield 2042 beta isn't open yet but you can already look at its void cube

Battlefield 2042
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The Battlefield 2042 beta isn't live yet, but you can already start exploring a little bit of it on the PC version.

The Battlefield 2042 beta is available for pre-load, and if you try to boot the beta client up now it will basically tell you to come back later (early access to the beta starts on Wednesday for pre-order customers, then everybody else can join in on Friday). However, Reddit user Fidler_2K shared a set of console commands which will let you do a bit of snooping around in the physical spaces which serve as backdrops for Battlefield 2042's menus.

They also shared a bunch of screenshots showing off what they found as they explored, including the interior of the ship itself and several of the vehicles on board. You're not supposed to have free roam of this part of the game, so there's also some weird looking stuff, such as an untextured void cube hanging in the air over a hapless vessel. War has changed.

2042 Hazard Zone Staging Area"

Here are the console commands you can use to go exploring yourself, but take heed before you do: EA has pledged to come down hard on Battlefield 2042 cheaters, and while this is far removed from any kind of competitive exploit, it still isn't intended behavior for players. In other words, poke around at your own risk, and maybe just stick to the screenshots if you're feeling unsure.

you_can_explore_the_hazard_zone_shipstaging_area from r/GamingLeaksAndRumours

Meanwhile, if you're planning to play on console, you may be pleased to know that Battlefield 2042 PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrades will be free for all digital players.

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