The Batman won’t be an origin story but will involve the Caped Crusader "trying to find his footing" - wait, what?

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Phew. We’re apparently not getting a re-tread of the Batman’s origins. Robert Pattinson will soon be putting on the cowl but, according to a recent report, he will already be well-attuned to being Gotham’s protector – even if he’s prone to making a mistake or two. Confused? Let’s get right down to brass tacks and take a look at what we could potentially expect from PatMan. 

According to THR, the new Batman/Bruce Wayne will be around 30 years old (wouldn’t you just know it, Pattinson is 31), and so will have probably been doing the whole Batman gig for a couple of years now. But he won’t be a “seasoned crimefighter.” He’ll be a Batman who’s “still trying to find his footing on his way to becoming the genius detective.”

Honestly? That’s a more interesting story to tell at this moment in time. We’ve seen Batman’s origins semi-recently in Batman Begins and we’ve had an older, more jaded Batfleck in Batman v Superman and Justice League. Even the likes of George Clooney and Michael Keaton never missed a beat as the Caped Crusader. A more fallible Dark Knight, and one with the acting chops of Pattinson, could be a winning combination.

All in all, it’s an exciting time to be a big-screen Batman fan. With rumours of Bats going up against The Penguin in the first of what could be a trilogy of flicks – and with a fresh creative unit both in front of and behind the camera – then the future is looking as bright as the brightest of Bat-Signals.

Where will The Batman land on our list of best superhero movies, I wonder...

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