The Backbone One PlayStation Edition is now available at Amazon and Best Buy

Backbone One PlayStation Edition
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The Backbone One PlayStation Edition was announced yesterday, and you can already get your hands on the PS5-inspired colorway. Amazon and Best Buy have both listed the mobile controller this morning, at the standard $99.99 MSRP. 

The new design takes one of the best mobile controllers on the market and paints it with a fresh Sony coat. The Backbone One is already a revolution in all-things mobile gaming, offering responsive buttons, comfortable grip, and a unique all-in-one play app that literally turns your phone into a console. It's in this final features that those looking for PS5 accessories will find the most value here. 

Designed to take PS Remote Play to a whole new level with dedicated transparent PS5-style buttons, the officially licensed controller looks gorgeous. Not only that, but the Backbone One PlayStation Edition has been created to slot right into the PS5's ecosystem, which means you'll be able to connect your Pulse 3D headset direct to the gamepad and the Backbone app will benefit from additional PlayStation news as well. 

Backbone One PlayStation Edition | $99.99 at Amazon

Backbone One PlayStation Edition | $99.99 at Amazon
The Backbone One PlayStation Edition is now ready to order at Amazon at the standard $99.99 MSRP. That's the same price as the standard edition, so PlayStation fans have nothing to lose by going fancy here.

Backbone One PlayStation Edition | $99.99 at Best Buy

Backbone One PlayStation Edition | $99.99 at Best Buy
Best Buy also has stock of the new Backbone One PlayStation Edition today, with shipping times depending on your location. However, there are plenty of pickup options up for grabs here as well if you'd prefer.

Should  you buy the Backbone One PlayStation Edition?

If you're a Remote Play power user it's well worth considering the Backbone One PlayStation Edition. Not only are you getting the standard Backbone experience for better controls, lower latencies, and inbuilt capture systems while streaming your PS5 content to your phone, but there are plenty of additional Sony features baked in here. The new model features the same floating button design of the DualSense controller for a more premium feel, and can connect directly to the Pulse 3D headset - no need for a dongle. 

If you don't use Remote Play too often, this may well kickstart a habit. However, it's worth noting that PlayStation is just one piece of this pie. You'll also get the full Backbone app to easily launch all your iPhone games and a far better control setup for streaming through Xbox Cloud Gaming as well. 

If you're after something a little more robust, check out our guide to the best PC controllers on the market. Or, to truly make the most of advancements in mobile play, take a look at the best gaming phones and best gaming tablets available now. 

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