Heavy metal horror game The Axis Unseen gets a new trailer and tentative release date

So-called "heavy metal" horror game The Axis Unseen has a new trailer and a vague release window of some time in 2024. 

Nate Purkeypile's in-development project first caught our attention last year, when the creator said he was crafting his "heavy metal open world horror hunting game" in the back of a camper van because, well, why not? Equally intriguing is the fact that Purkeypile's prior experience extends to the likes of the Fallout series, Metroid Prime 3, and Starfield, and the game's footage itself is hardly what you'd describe as boring. 

In its latest slice of moving pictures, The Axis Unseen depicts a lone hunter killing and battling prey in the wild in a landscape seemingly infused with magic. At one point in the trailer - which debuted at the Future Games Show Powered by the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro - the protagonist is rammed by a moose-like animal whose tangled antlers look like they've been run through an AI program; while later a giant stickman-esque figure appears to catch one of the protag's arrows before throwing it back in their direction and wounding them. 

All the while, a guitar-driven soundtrack underscores the action, with the hunter seen wandering through increasingly fantastical-looking locales – filled with twisted trees, odd sculptures, and the skeletons of creatures that are not reminiscent of man nor beast.  

We already know The Axis Unseen's soundtrack – penned by ex-Red Sparowes member Clifford Meyer – will adjust dynamically to what's happening as you play, with game mechanics such as magical upgrades like fire and wind arrows also hinted at in the game's latest trailer. 

If you fancy any or all of that, The Axis Unseen can be wishlisted on Steam right now. 

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Joe Donnelly
Features Editor, GamesRadar+

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