The Avengers hits $1.5 billion worldwide

The summer's two superhero blockbusters continue to storm the global box office, with The Dark Knight Rises passing the $1bn mark and The Avengers reaching a staggering $1.5bn.

The Avengers has now climbed to $619.5m domestically, which puts it third in the all time charts, behind Titanic on $658.6m and Avatar on $760.5 million. The Dark Knight Rises has a little way to go to catch up, sitting currently down in ninth on $431.1m.

The same two films sit above The Avengers in the all-time worldwide chart, with Titanic on $2.1bn and Avatar on a jaw-dropping $2.7bn. Something tells us that Jim Cameron's 3D epic will be hanging on to that title for a while to come.

As for this week's chart, The Possession is currently sitting on top of the pile after a $17.7m opening weekend, while Lawless is in second on $11.8m. The Expendables 2 sits just behind those two on $8.8m in third.

Next week sees Bruce Willis thriller The Cold Light Of Day enter the reckoning. Chances are it won't trouble the two spandex-clad big hitters, but you never know… it might give The Possession a run for its money!

George Wales

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