The Anti-Awards 2010

WINNER: The Kinect boat thing

We always kind of suspected the companies behind necessities like clip-on baseball bats for Wii Remotes would do anything to make a buck, but it wasn’t until the advent of Game Boat that those suspicions were confirmed. Proudly advertised as “de facto the first accessory for the peripheral which doesn't need any,” the Game Boat serves no purpose other than to occupy floor space and extract cash from the wallets of extremely unimaginative Kinect owners.

In case this is your first time seeing Game Boat, the image above tells pretty much the entire story. It’s an inflatable raft, designed for jumping up and down in while playing exactly one of the five minigames that make up Kinect Adventures. And if Kotaku’s Stephen Totilois to be believed, it doesn’t even do that particularly well. It’s too pathetic to be angry at, really, but the thought of even one clueless parent picking up a Game Boat in the misguided belief that Kinect Adventures needs it to work is so infuriating, we can’t help but call this out as the biggest horseshit peripheral in a market already choked with ‘em.

Marvel vs Capcom 3

The game isn’t out yet, but the advance news of paid DLC really got to us. We can deal with endless SSFIV costumes, but we can't stand knowing we'll be paying extra for game-changing characters the same day we buy the damn game. We don’t mind shelling out for DLC down the road, but gouging gamers for content that’s clearly already on the disc is foul.