The A-Z Of Zombies On Sale Now!

Here's what you can expect from your new SFX Special Edition - it's dead good...

SFX Special Edition 62: The A-Z Of Zombies is loose and infecting shops...

Zombie Special 2013 With Gifts

Braaaaaaaaains! Yes, the latest SFX Special Edition is out now and it's all about zombies, across film, TV, comics, books and games - old and new, the very best and the very worst. There's even a feature about a zombie musical. Rah!

Get your copy now! Buy your iPad version via Newsstand or order your print copy from My Favourite Magazines . Now available on Google Play too !

SFX 's The A-Z Of Zombies comes with three free gifts when you get the print edition: an official Walking Dead keyring, three zombie movie postcards and a set of 10 horrific stickers!

Inside, your packed 116-page magazine is split into 26 sections delivering the ultimate guide to the undead, including 32 movies rated and your amazing preview of the fourth season of The Walking Dead .

Your blood-soaked contents include:

Zombie Origins

The Walking Dead Preview

Dardano Sacchetti

In The Flesh

The Zombie Experience

You want more? Okay, there's this stuff too:

Max Brooks on the World War Z phenomenon, what to do in the event of a zombie outbreak, The Returned , the best zombie videogames, Zombie Women Of Satan , The Happiness Of The Katakuris , Nazis, the [Rec] series, George Romero (of course), authors Mira Grant and David Towsey, The X-Files and loads more...

A note on resurrected material: just the George Romero interview is reanimated from SFX magazine's 2005 archives. All the other content is brand new.

Buy your iPad version via Newsstand

Order your print copy from My Favourite Magazines