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The 43 character cameos of Marvel vs Capcom 3

Thor's ultra-brief ending still manages to reference another Asgardian -Heimdall, a warrior with vision that stretches across time and space.

Tron Bonne quickly moves in onMega Man Volnuttafter winning the day, as we hear she's got something of a robo-crush on him (he's not playable, but he was in 2010's Wii-only Tatsunoko vs Capcom). Tron thinks she can finally secure a date with Mega Man via her new pal...

... Sentinel the Servbot! I really love her mischevious glare, staring down at Mega Man with playfully evil glee.

C Viper, first introduced in Street Fighter IV, gets her superhuman abilities from her various techno-suit enhancements. Makes sense then thatNick Furywould pay her a visit and ask her to join SHIELD. But wait a sec - that'sUltimate Nick Fury! They're crossing the continuity streams with this reference. Surprised Marvel was cool with Sam Jackson Fury replacing "regular" Fury in a game that tends to ignore the Ultimate Universe.

Zero asksSilver Surferfor a lift home, but he takes him to "Mega Man Zero's" homeworld, not "Zero's" homeworld. Surfer then rightfully expresses his confusion at this mess of universes. A surprisingly honest ending!

Dormammu conspires with fellow evil people in his ending, including playable characters Akuma and Wesker, but alsoLord Raptorfrom Darkstalkers andFirebrand/Red Arremerfrom the Ghosts 'n Goblinsuniverse.

Speaking of GnG, the game's primary villain, the two-headedAstaroth, appears in the background of the zombie-infested level. There are plenty of other GnG references in there, includingRed Arremerand the instantly recognizable zombies.

A Resident Evil-minded level houses cameos fromLickersas well as RE1 end bossTyrant.

The Daily Bugle level contains several shoutouts (including a billboard for Nelson & Murdock), but at the tip top of the skyline you can see theBaxter Buildingin the background (where the Fantastic Four are sitting, wondering why they're never in any cool games) plusJ. Jonah Jamesonzipping by in a news helicopter. He's tiny, but it's definitely him.

I'm... fairly sure that's all of them. Could be more. If you spot any, let me know in the comments, and more importantly, dive into the game and see what team of three works for you!

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