The 43 character cameos of Marvel vs Capcom 3

Withnearly 40playable characters from two popular companies, Marvel vs Capcom 3 has no shortage of fan service. But dig a little deeper and you'll find at least another 40 characters who make the game's backgrounds and endings overflow with additional references. I spent the better part of two days attempting to grab 'em all, and near as I can tell, this is a pretty thorough list of what Marvel and Capcom fans can pick out.

Okami's Amaterasu ends her story in Marvel's Savage Land, where she and Issun befriendKa-Zar,Shanna the She-Deviland their trusty saber-toothed palZabu.

Sir Arthur, of Ghosts 'n Goblins fame, meets up withFin Fang Foom, a massive, ancient dragon "whose limbs shatter mountains and whose back scrapes the sun." Sounds like an impossible beast to fell, but then again, Arthur is used to tackling the same enemies over and over before a true victory is earned.

Chris Redfield's ending shows Wesker on trial at long last, prosecuted by none other than Matt Murdock, akaDaredevil! I may be mistaken, but I thought Murdock only defended people he knew were innocent (via his enhanced senses), not prosecute them. But Wesker is a clearly evil dude, so maybe he's making an exception.

Chun Li arrestsKingpinin her ending. Oh yeah, Chun Li's a cop. Totally forgot about that.

Devil May Cry's Dante goes on a fourth-wall-breaking demon hunt after besting Galactus, which leads him toGhost Rider, the spirit of vengeance. This would actually be a pretty cool fight...

Felicia finds a new best friend inDazzler, Marvel's popstar mutant who can control sonic vibrations and turn them into light. Not a great power if you want to hurt someone, but it makes for a spectacular light show. It's also a brazen attempt by Marvel to capitalize on the popularity of disco in the '70s - today, Dazzler's outfit is decidedly less "far out."

Darkstalker's Hsien Ko imploresDr Strangeto help save her mother's soul. She's accompanied by her sister,Mei-Ling.

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