The 43 character cameos of Marvel vs Capcom 3

Hulk and Chris tear ass through what appears to be the original Resident Evil mansion, only now RE3'sNemesisis among the house's many denizens. Too bad Nemesis isn't anywhere near Hulk's power level...

Viewtiful Joe's ending begins with him andCaptain BlueapprehendingAlastorandJet Black, all while throwing out a Phoenix Wright reference. But then...

... turns out they're just starring in a show put on by X-Men villainsMojoandSpiral! The former is an obese, ratings-hungry monster who rules the Mojoverse, and the six-armed latter was actually a playable character in Marvel vs Capcom 2.

Magneto's ending has him taking over Galactus' sun-sized spaceship, which he then uses to create a new home for Mutantkind. This final scene shows several muties flying to freedom, including non-playable characters likeAngel,Exodus,Banshee,SunfireandAurora, plus what appears to be a flyingIcemanandNightcrawler.

Morrigan finds the seediest of seedy bars, which is filled with demonic Marvel baddies likeSatannishandMephisto, whose son Blackheart was playable in prior Vs games.

Capcom's ultimate fighter, Ryu, squares off against The ImmortalIron Fistin his ending, which is one of the best matchups in the whole game. Notice how the background also references Ryu's American counterpartKenas well as Marvel'sMr X.

Sentinel's ending shows an army of cosmically powered robots taking over the world, headed (as usual) byMaster Mold.

She Hulk (aka lawyer Jennifer Walters) gets her own courtroom show alongsidePhoenix WrightandMiles Edgeworth(ace attorney and pro prosecuter, respectively). A lovely fit!

Storm heads back to Wakanda to be with her husband (and Avenger)Black Panther, who's actually about to take over Daredevil duties from Matt Murdock in the Marvel Universe (don't ask).

Trish (from Devil May Cry) continues her demon hunting ways and ends up hunting poor Nightcrawler in the process. That's two cameos, but still not playable. Could he be the next DLC character?

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