The 2008 PC Builder's Bible

The specs on this animal read like a hardcore shooter fan’s shopping list: on-the-fly mouse-sensitivity switching up to 2000dpi, an always-on laser to eliminate lag, and two swappable side panels for large or small paws. A thumb button changes button assignment profiles on the fly for tactical changes, or for simply turning off buttons that get in the way of a good fight. Plus, it’s ambidextrous! South paws rejoice!

We don’t know why companies give mice complex model numbers, but we sure know that Creative’s Gamer HD7600L is a smoking mouse. Its laser is accurate up to a 2400dpi resolution, which can be toggled all the way down to 400dpi. The laser automatically reduces power when the mouse is taken off a surface, so you won’t risk blinding yourself.

You get astounding tracking and a smooth ride with this mouse created to the specs of FPS champ Jonathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel. Features include on-the-fly resolution changing and interchangeable weights for altering its heft. It’s for the precision gamer with an itchy trigger finger.

While gamers typically shun wireless mice because of the slight increase in latency delays compared to corded mice, the Obsidian from Saitek is too slick to pass up. The 1000dpi optical sensor is fine for real-time strategy games and the touch sensitive scroll wheel is very easy to use. Wireless range stretches to 10 meters, and the mouse even comes with two sets of rechargeable batteries.

From the folks who brought us the saucy Fang keypad comes a sleek and subdued gaming mouse with 1600dpi resolution and on-the-fly sensitivity switching with a small button that’s accessible but nearly impossible to press accidentally. Three well-placed buttons on the side promote quick grenade tosses or panicky drops to the prone position. It’s light and comfy and for the semi-pro on a budget.

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