The 2008 PC Builder's Bible

Cushy and responsive keys are the hallmark of this latest gaming keyboard from Microsoft. Designed in conjunction with the wizards at Razer devices, this pad has blue backlit keys and a pair of USB ports. A set of programmable keys lines the top of the keyboard, bracketed by two 360 degree jog dials to adjust volume and whatever else you need.

The Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard is designed for gamers of all types. FPS players will benefit from the built-in folding LCD display that shows vital stats, and MMO junkies have a near limitless number of macro keys to program for their every need.

Saitek’s Eclipse II is a simple, comfortable keyboard with backlit keys and a heavy stay-put base that gives you extra insurance against mishaps. The backlit keys can also rotate between one of three colors with a hit of a button. We’re just a little bummed out that the board doesn’t have any extra USB ports.

Now this is typing heaven. Ten reprogrammable hot keys (with 10 included weapon key-covers) and on-the-fly switching between up to five user profiles are just two of the fantastic features of Razer’s flagship keyboard. The shallow-action keys for fast fingers round it out nicely.

No frills. No hotkeys. No backlight. There aren’t even any labels on the keys! Instead, you get the sturdiest keyboard on the planet, and keys that click with a satisfying report of a finely machined pistol. For arrogant gamers with deep pockets only.

Some gamers like their keyboards flat, some like them ergonomic. For the latter group, we recommend the Microsoft Natural 4000 Keyboard. It fits your hands like a glove, with a unique concave key layout and elevated wrist rest. Carpal Tunnel begone!

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