That rumour about Red Dead Redemption The Outlaws Collection is probably fake

RDR2 cover art
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Another day, another rumour. This one teases that a Red Dead Redemption collection – reportedly entitled The Outlaws Collection and containing a remake of the original game and an enhanced version of Red Dead Redemption 2 – is on its way to current and next-gen systems. 

The rumour came complete with a supposed snapshot of the game on Amazon, but thanks to internet sleuths who are much better than I am at spotting these things, it looks as though we can chalk this one up as fake until proven real, particularly as no link was provided as evidence that the page is - or ever was - live. 

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"Red Dead Redemption The Outlaws Collection listing has leaked on Amazon, and it includes RDR [Remake] and enhanced version of RDR2," the reported leaker said on both Twitter and Reddit.

However, a number of commenters have hit back and disputed the claim.

"This is an edited HTML with a photoshop photo. Unless there's a link to prove its real, this is absolutely fake," insisted one responder on Twitter, while many others pointed out inconsistencies with the games supposed artwork, including font differentiations and less-than-stellar Photoshop work. I'm also not convinced of that December 31 release date, either. 

Of course, there's every chance the doubters are wrong. Guess we'll find out one way or another by New Year, eh?

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