TF2 update: New CTF map coming soon

In the wake ofPC Gamer UK's scoopon major gameplay revisions planned for Team Fortress 2, the magazine's now revealed that a new TF2 map will be with us soon.

A CTF (or capture the intelligence) version of classic map Well is being whipped into shape at Valve HQ, and PC Gamer reports that a tentative release date has been set for today. However, it may slip to next week.

The current TF2 version of Well is a control point map.

"The area near what was once the second-to-last control points have been renovated to give another set of stairs to the upper floors of each team's home building, but other than that the structure of the map is largely unchanged," PC Gamer explains.

"It's better suited to large numbers of players, since the action tends to be more spread out on CTF maps. As an extreme example, Valve's Robin Walker recalled having to defend his team's dropped intel underwater, in the moat outside the train yard."

CTF_Well is coming in addition to a reworked version of TFC map Badlands and new level Goldrush, which introduces a brand new game mode. Valve is also bringing unlockable weapons to TF2's classes.

Source: PC Gamer UK

Courtesy of CVG.

Jan 24, 2008