TF forum buff quizzes Superman

It’s a tale to remind those with cold hearts of Kryptonite that movies can make dreams come true - and one lucky forumite still can’t sleep right for thinking about it.

Our intrepid Online Ed was approached by a PR firm attached to Bryan Singer's hugely anticipated Superman Returns, wanting the name of a super fan to aim some probing questions at a selection of cast and crew from the flick. Self-confessed comic nut, Luke Barnard was picked out by Liz and the forum moderators (Liz says it was like selecting a new pope, only without the excessive smoke and funny hats.)

As well as getting a chance to sling some brain-testers at SFX supervisor Neil Corbould and production designer Guy Dyas, Luke had a question answered by Brandon Routh, the caped trouble-stopper himself!

“In the words of Brody from Mallrats ‘Ho-ly shit!’” Luke posted shortly after hearing that one of his questions would be landing in the lap of the man of steel.

“It took me a while to form coherent sentences in my head. But more stoked to be a fan of a film like Superman Returns I don't think I've ever been.”

Each super fan had to submit three brain-twisters for each cast/crew member, duplicates were weeded out and then the best ten were selected. We’ve slapped Luke’s question and Mr Routh’s reply below but for more information on how one lucky fan got just that bit closer to this summers biggest blockbuster.

Well done directing dude, you’ve done Total Film proud!

Q) How does it feel to portray a journalist like Clark Kent and then be on the opposing side being grilled by journalists, all to do with Superman Returns?

A) Hah…well, I don’t do to much actual reporting in the movie, but I know that being relaxed when answering questions is the best approach for me. That way people who want to trip me up or get under my skin won’t have the upper hand.

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