Terror at the top

Opening successfully, if slightly softer than expected, graphic novel adaptation V For Vendetta took the top spot in the US for the weekend. The tinderbox tale of terrorism in an Orwellian future London rode a distinctly mixed critical wave but nonetheless lit a match in the mind of US moviegoers. V scored $26.1 million.

Down to second was Matthew McConaughey’s rom-com Failure To Launch, which continues to do well, following a hefty first weekend. Despite the dreadful title, it took in $15.8 million, losing a respectable 35% of business. Business-wise, Disney’s The Shaggy Dog did even better, dropping just 17% to $13.6 million for third. No trip to the vet for this mutt just yet.

The weekend’s other new opener – the only movie willing to challenge V – was She’s The Man, which arrived in fourth with $11 million. The gender-swap update of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night (no, really) stars Amanda Byrne.

The rest of the chart was comprised of returning entries: The Hills Have Eyes continues to muddle in the middle, grabbing $8 million for fifth, while 16 Blocks took in $4.7 million at sixth place. Eight Below – AKA The Other Dog Movie – stays healthy, with a $4.1 million weekend and a running total of $73 million. Paul Walker will be using his share to pay off the debts from his stinker Running Scared, which has dropped like a stone out of the chart. Tyler Perry’s Medea’s Family Reunion is now on the way down, stopping at eighth as it prepares to leave the top 10, just ahead of The Pink Panther, which made $2.5 million and has a total US take of $78.6 million. Readers: if this film gets a sequel, we’re blaming you. Finally, teen mermaid fable Aquamarine rounds out the chart with $2 million.

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