Terraria Labor of Love release date set for next week

(Image credit: Re-Logic)

It's finally time for the final, final, final, final update, as the Terraria Labor of Love release date has been confirmed for September 28, barring any last-minute technical issues.

As developer Re-Logic says in a tweet, "Fantastic news Terrarians! All platforms have officially been submitted! Barring any issues our tentative release date is September 28th!"

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The Labor of Love update, also known as 1.4.4, is the first Terraria patch set to be released simultaneously across PC, consoles, and mobile. The devs have previously indicated that the PC version of the patch has been done for some time, and have been waiting for port work to the other versions before finally releasing the patch. With that in mind, the only possibility likely to hold back the release date at this point would be a last-minute issue raised by Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo.

Barring any such issue, Terraria's fourth final update is less than a week away. The notion of 'final' updates has become something of a running joke among fans, as the Journey's End update in 2020 was billed as Terraria's last patch. Then came Journey's Actual End, a Don't Starve crossover, and now Labor of Love. Nobody's complaining about continued support, of course.

Labor of Love has been billed as a relatively smaller update, but over the past few days, Re-Logic has provided community members with an extensive look at new Terraria features like the rubblemaker and coatings, both of which promise some major improvements for the game's most prolific builders.

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