Terminator Salvation ending changed

Remember when the world exploded for five seconds last year when a Terminator Salvation twist spilled out online ? It seems it wasn't so made up after all.

According to Movie Hole , a source from Warner Brothers recently told them that the ending was changed after fan reaction proved to be, well, hostile.

The source claimed the third act of the film is completely different "because of the internet leak. The ending doesn't resemble the previous one in any shape or form. A complete [180] from the original film. Works better. Probably not as hard to swallow. Real good though.”

If true, it calls into question what McG said on his blog days after leak . Before responding to fanboy attacks over his name, the director claimed "there are only three people who know the ending."

Which means either McG told a big lie, or the decision to change the ending happened fast, or McG doesn't consider online folk to be actual people. Or even that perhaps it was a just idea in the first draft that got discarded, like the T1000 being Michael Bein or Indy battling aliens... oh wait.

At any rate, *that* ending has gone for good.

Does that make you happy, or would you liked to have seen McG's original idea on screen?

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