Tera beginners guide


There’s something you’ll want to know about the classes in Tera up front: most have static roles, and each only ever uses one weapon type. This is because each class’s abilities and play style are dependent on its weapon type. While you can build your glyph layouts to customize your class, there won’t be a ton of variation between players of similar classes. An Archer will always be DPS, a Priest will always be a primary healer. Every class has a mana bar for abilities. Here’s a rundown of how each class plays.


The Archer is a ranged DPS class with a good amount of mobility. They employ traps, charge-up attacks that penetrate multiple enemies, use stuns, and do massive burst damage. They’re also pretty adept at AoE abilities, making them a great asset for any group. Also, many of their attacks do more damage the closer they are to an enemy.


This class is an absolute beast. They use a giant two-handed axe and rely heavily on charge-up attacks to do insane damage. Their attacks have a wide berth and can cut down groups of enemies in seconds. Instead of having a combat roll like other melee classes, Berserkers can use their axes to block incoming damage. Their attacks are super slow, so timing is everything. But if they hit, enemies are toast.