Tera beginners guide


Unlike most MMOs, there are no factions in Tera. That means if you’re playing on a PvP server, prepare to ganked a billion times--it’s a free-for-all. Players can flag themselves for PvP, which allows them to attack anyone, even lowbies. This also means they can be attacked by anyone.

As of now, there are no PvP battlegrounds, but players can duel anywhere in the game. You can PvP if you’re playing on a PvE server. Players can sign up for “deathmatches”, team battles range anywhere from 1-vs-1 to 10-vs-10. You can even bet gold on who you think will be the winning team. Once a deathmatch is created, you can publicize it via the deathmatch menu, allowing anyone to join in the fray.

If that’s not exciting enough, joining a guild allows for some super exciting PvP opportunities, as guilds can declare war on one another. If two warring guilds were to organize, large-scale battles (potentially up to 300-vs-300) could break out anywhere in the world. These battles last until one of the following criteria are met:

-24 hours have passed
-One guild scores a set amount of points
-One guild’s leader forfeits

Your guild can be involved in up to three wars at once, but once a war ends, a cooldown timer activates and your guild must wait awhile before you can challenge the same guild again. Starting and forfeiting a Guild-vs-Guild battle requires a special item that can be purchased from vendors in major cities.