Tera beginners guide

Professions and Crafting

Crafting in Tera is very similar to just about any other MMO with one main difference: you can take up every crafting and gathering profession in the game. While that may sound enticing, leveling professions is extremely costly.

The benefit is professions like armorsmithing and weaponsmithing can be leveled almost exclusively through smelting ore. In every profession, special reagents called runes are required for most recipes. These are item drops that you’ll have to do some farming to obtain. Additionally, rare crafting recipes come from world drops and aren’t often learned from vendors.

Here’s a list of the professions in Tera:


Mining: Used to gather ore for weaponsmithing and armorsmithing and alchemy.

Plants: Used to gather plants for tailoring and alchemy.

Energy: Used to gather essences for focus crafting and alchemy.


Weaponsmithing: Makes lances and shields, axes, paired swords, and greatswords. Requires ore.

Focus Crafting: Makes ranged weapons, including bows, discs, scepters, and staffs. Requires essences.

Leatherworking: This makes leather armor for Warriors, Slayers, and Archers. Leather is obtained by killing animals in the wild appropriate to the tier of leather you require.

Tailoring: Makes cloth armor for Sorcerers, Mystics, and Priests. Requries plants.

Alchemy: One of the most useful professions in the game, Alchemy uses reagents from all gathering professions. Makes consumable items like potions, scrolls, and dyes.

Enchanting: It’s important to keep in mind that there are various tiers of gear in Tera, with each subsequent tier being stronger than the last. Some equipment can be enchanted, as indicated by the tooltip on the item. Enchanting in Tera requires special reagents, and the effects of enchanting are different for every enchantable weapon. Think of enchanting NOT as adding customizable effects to a weapon, but unlocking dormant effects already existing on the weapon.

There are a total of nine levels of enchantment for each piece of gear. You will unlock a new ability that is dormant on the piece of equipment every 3 levels you successfully enchant. Unlocking the highest tiers of enchantment require the powerful, and expensive, reagents.