Tenet receives 12A rating after one crucial change – plus official runtime conformed

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Christopher Nolan's Tenet promises to be the first major blockbuster since the coronavirus pandemic led to nations across the globe going into lockdown. With the release only days away – Tenet comes to UK cinemas on August 26 and US theatres on September 4 – we have confirmation of the movie's runtime and age rating.

The BBFC (opens in new tab) (that's the British Board of Film Classification) has announced that Tenet has been rated 12A due to "moderate violence, threat, domestic abuse, infrequent strong language". They also revealed that the movie is 149m 50s. 

That runtime's a little different to what was earlier reported – we previously heard Tenet was 149m 59s long. The shortened runtime, though only nine seconds, is due to a scene featuring a "man kicking a woman" being cut from the movie. The scene in question would have allegedly pushed the movie into being a 15 rating.

Now, the BBFC also states that "All known versions of this work passed uncut." That's because Warner Bros. worked with the BBFC to make sure the movie would reach a 12A rating before they officially submitted Nolan's movie.

Recent reports have indicated the movie will need to gross upwards of $800 million to make a profit for the studio – which should come as no surprise to anyone following Tenet news. We recently spoke to Nolan as part of Total Film's cover feature form earlier this year and the director revealed they crashed a real 747 for a setpiece. Hopefully, money well spent. 

Jack Shepherd
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