Tell Capcom Why YOU should be in Street Fighter IV

Capcom has just announced a contest giving some lucky winner a chance at actually appearingin Street Fighter IV.

A post on the Capcom blog states: "The latest idea to sneak past was to have some Street Fighter fans' faces - yes, your actual faces - appear as background characters in Street Fighter IV."

The specifics of the contest seem pretty open with Capcom just asking contestants to submit their most convincing reason as to why they should be in the game. "You send us... whatever (pictures, video, dissertation, limerick, daguerreotype, singing telegram) explaining why you should be in Street Fighter IV."

Make a convincing enough case,and it could be you hanging out with background legends like Chinese man riding a bicycle and drunk Russian at a steel mill! Just know that Skullomania has a family to feed, and he needs these background cameos to make ends meet, you selfish jerk.

Click here for the official post and contest details.

Jun 13, 2008

Down are up ell, ex why be?